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Dining Room Rental


Did you know that The Bake Shoppe & Cafe is
SO MUCH MORE than a unique bake shoppe and
down-home cooking cafe'?


We feel that we’re the best choice for any KIND of  unique event you’re planning….

Wedding Reception-Cotillion’s


Wedding or Baby Shower


Going away party


Girls Bunko Night


Just because it’s “Me & the Girls” time


 A Movie Premier-dinner before the movie opening!!

Offering unique Bake Shoppe style to have a ball in!!

We love to help you create an event that will be filled with FABULOUS memories!!



We can cater your event full of GREAT FOOD & STYLE 


Semi-Private Room seats 45-50 people:

         Saturday 11am-1pm $150.00

         Additional time is offered $50.00 for 30 minutes/$100.00 for 1 hour….


Private Functions: We can comfortably fit 90 guests & more with our outdoor patio seating.


         Saturday Room 2 Hour Rental 2-4pm (seats 45-50)  $200.00

         Saturday Room 2 Hour Rental After 5pm (seats 45-50)  $300.00

         Sunday Room 2 Hour Rental (seats 45-50)  $300.00


         Restaurant 2 Hour Rental After Hours (seats +90)  $400.00



12 Party Table Rental Monday-Friday is $50 for 2 hours (during normal business hours) plus  $50  for each additional 30 minutes over that.



Call to discuss semi-private times and private room times, at no additional charge. 



If "us coming to you" is better, we can make that event FABULOUS TOO!! 

Have great food - fun decorations - will travel.




Please call for details-