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History of Bake Shoppe
 The first Bake Shoppe started in Magnolia, Texas well over 20 years ago & was owned by Grandma (thatís what everyone called her) & her daughter, with a Southern Belle Cook named Iris. 
They started to grow & moved it to the 249/Spring Cypress area.  After they were there for awhile, they decided to sell the place to a gentleman.  He kept the Southern Belle Iris, mind you, but he later changed his mind & sold it back to Grandma & her daughter.  Well Grandma passed away, which led a couple named Vic & Patsy Franek to buy the place… and, yes, the Southern Belle was kept on.  After all, who would know the place better than her?  They had it for 14 years.  They had been trying to sell off and on for a while.
Iím originally from Houma, Louisiana & consider myself to be a true southern girl-- and everyone knows a true southern girl says whatís on her mind…sometimes without thinkin', but with a smile of course!!  One day in 2006, I walked into The Bake Shoppe to pick up a To-Go order.  I was a regular customer, & like so many others that came through there, loved shooting the bull with them. 
So, when I walked in I was standing at the counter while Vic was ringing me up.  I started to look around the place.   I donít know why this came out of my mouth but I said, "One day Iím going to own this place!!" He looked at me like-are you crazy!! Well, I turned blood-red, grabbed my food & got out of there FAST!! I kept asking myself-why in the world would you say something like that?? There's dead animals on the wall-how could I see myself there??
I had dreamed of owning my own restaurant since I was a young girl-& before I moved to Cypress I ran two restaurants in downtown called Zydeco for five years.  I met my hubby there & weíve been here for 10yrs now.  I did some other things in that time period, but my heart would never let me forget where it wanted to be-I let that dream go, since I was married with three STINKIN' cute kiddos but everything changed one day in July 09 when my cell phone rang.  It was Vic-he says…."Why donít you take this place off my hands!?!" I called Hubby, and by August I was there-right there where my heart always wanted to be. 
I brought over my cook from Zydeco to keep my South Louisiana roots goin', and you better believe that Southern Belle Iris is still there, rolling out the Dumplings & keeping everything to its original recipe!!
Weíve just ďaddedĒ some of our recipes to expand the menu.  We kept the other cooks, too, that have been there for 5-7 years!! Iím so excited about whatís to come & look forward to meeting all of the old and new customers every day.  I have added my funky style into the place and want you to feel like youíre apart of our family when you come in!! We love to laugh & be sassy!! A customerís happiness is HUGE to us.  If you ever need our experience for catering or showers & decorating the event, we do that too!!
Now you know my story.  The next time youíre in, donít forget to check out the flying pig….. It reminds me every day to never let go of a dream & to never stop believing in myself or what you want.
Pigs do FLY…..the pink ones, of course!!