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Cupcake & Whole Cake Selections

“Cowgirl” Red Velvet w/Cream Cheese icing
Geaux” Coconut w/Coconut icing
“Hey Pumpkin” w/Cream Cheese icing
“Schatzi” German Chocolate*
“7Carats Will Do” Carrot Cake-
“Italian Stallion” Crème Cake
“All about the Chocolate” Chocolate Cake
“Fly Free” Hummingbird Cake
“Shadow my Shadow Cake” layer of Chocolate Cake & layer of Vanilla w/Butter Cream Icing & then we pour Homemade Chocolate Sauce over the top….
“Gimme Some Lemon” Lemon Cake w/Lemon Icing

“Strawberry Fields 4ever”Strawberry Cake w/fresh strawberries between layer’s & Vanilla Cream icing

“No Plain” Vanilla Cake w/Vanilla Icing-“Dark Knight” Chocolate Fudge w/cream Cheese icing
"Marble Slab Rehab"
"Yo Michael" A tribute cake to Michael Jackson
"Happy Birthday to Me" Cake

All above can be made into FABULOUS Cupcakes too.
"Fabulous (Very Popular)
Petit Fours"

{Out of this world “PIES”}
The Famous "Whoopie" Chocolate Pie, Texas Pecan Pie, Coconut Crème, Lemon or Chocolate Crème, (meringue upon request) Apple or Cherry Crumb, Jack Daniels Pecan, Buttermilk Chess, Ginger Snap Pumpkin
** TRY OUR Banana Pudding
- and-
Croissant Bread Pudding with homemade caramel-pecan sauce
Meringue Pies Available 2

Specialty Cakes, Wedding & Shower Cakes, Company or Team Logo on Cakes, Diva Cakes, etc...
We Love being creative & will go the extra mile to make your “Sweet” choice look and taste DELISH!!
Sweet Sugah Treats
Iced cut-out sugar cookies, fudge-brownies, 2x2 petit fours, banana pudding, home-made moon pies...
So Many Other Treats... Standing-Room-Only to View the Rest!!
Pricing: Call for details




Call The Bake Shoppe & Cafe for your special requests or to set up an appointment today!